Consultation tracker

We keep track of all consultations that are on the go and are relevant for lines companies. This is updated each month.
Name Organisation Publication Date Due Date Status Notes
Future System Operation Electricity Authority 05/2/2024 11/4/2024 Open

ENA will make a submission 

EDB productivity study Commerce Commission 27/03/2024 24/04/2024 Open

ENA will respond

Fourth Emissions Budget consultation Climate Change Commission 8/04/2024 31/05/2024 Open

Three pieces of draft advice: advice for the fourth emissions budget period (2036–2040), and potential revision of emissions budgets one, two, and three.
A review of whether emissions from international shipping and aviation should be included in the emissions reduction target. The inaugural five-yearly review of the emissions reduction target.
Final advice from the Commission will be delivered to the Minister before 31 Dec 2024.


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