Common Competency Framework

The Common Competency Framework (CCF) is the result of a collaboration between organisations within the EDI sector, supported by the EDI Health and Safety Forum. Development of the CCF in 2018 also responds to a key part of the ENA Health and Safety Strategy 2017 – 2022; namely to develop a common competency framework for those involved in the EDI in New Zealand. 


The purpose of the CCF is to empower the EDI sector to reduce risk to workers and the public by setting the minimum levels of knowledge, skills, and experience (collectively referred to as ‘competency’) required for all workers who are working on or near distribution network assets.  


The benefits of the CCF lie in a core set of principles, namely that it must be: 


  1. Common, in so far as it should focus on commonalities within the EDI sector, in terms of the type of work carried out, and the tools and technologies utilised in that work. 
  2. Usable, in so far as individual workers must be able to achieve the stated competency by following a process. (This also requires it to be available.) 
  3. Transportable, in so far as commonality should allow a competent worker to move from one participating organisation to work on the assets of another.  
  4. Auditable, in so far as it remains relevant with a clear alignment between the individual competencies, the aligned knowledge framework, and the training workers receive.  
  5. Updateable, in so far as it is a living document, owned by industry and managed on behalf of industry by a group who will ensure it remains current and fit for purpose. 


ENA Common Competency Framework (Version 1.2)

The CCF is presented in MS Excel format and defines classes and sub-classes of competence. For the purposes of consistency Unit Standards are used in the aligned knowledge framework. Users should note that these are subject to change as qualifications evolve, and they are presented only as a guide when aligning knowledge with competency.

ENA Common Competency Framework V1.1

ENA Common Competency Framework V1.0


ENA CCF Guidelines (Version 1.3)

The CCF guide includes arrangements for governance and management, criteria and guidelines to support implementation, and some high-level process to support on-boarding of workers and consistency of operation.

ENA CCF Guidelines V1.2

ENA CCF Guidelines V1.0

ENA CCF Guidelines V1.1


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